Apprenticeships and other Training Opportunities

As a highly technical company, we are very much interested in encouraging and promoting young newcomers in this area of heavy engineering.

We currently offer specialist training for the following professions:

  • Technical Model Builder
  • Foundry Mechanic
  • Industry Mechanic
  • Energy Electronic Technician

Please call us to confirm which positions are currently available.

Furthermore, we can offer by mutual arrangement, short-term or part-time practical training positions for school-leavers and students.

Please feel welcome to contact our Personnel Manager, Mrs. Anja Wenzlaff, if you have questions or if you wish to submit an application.

Mrs. Anja Wenzlaff
Duisburger Straße 35
D-33647 Bielefeld
Phone + 49 521 / 4044 - 274
Fax + 49 521 / 4018 - 195