Cast iron with nodular graphite EN-GJS (GGG) - ductile iron

Cast iron with nodular graphite EN-GJS (ductile iron) is an iron-carbon material, the carbon part of which occurs mainly as graphite in globular form. This nodular graphite, which already exists as cast, characterises the material behaviour of cast iron with nodular graphite. The notch effect is minimal due to the spherical shape of the graphite. Thus, a high tensile strength is reached together with a good elongation.

DIN EN 1563
Cast iron with nodular graphite

DIN ISO 8062
General tolerances and machining allowances, valid for all designs from 1998

DIN EN 10002-1
Metallic materials, tensile test, part 1: Test method (at room temperature)

DIN EN 6506
Metallic materials, hardness test according to Brinell, part 1: Test method

DIN EN 10045-1
Metallic materials, notching stroke bending test according to Charpy, part 1: Test method

In the qualities:
EN-GJS-400-15 to 900-2 (GGG 40 to GGG 90)
EN-GJS-400-18-LT (GGG 40.3)
EN-GJS Si Mo 5 1
EN-GJV 300 to 500

Special alloys:
Mechanical and performance characteristics such as temperature changes, wear resistance and scaling resistance can be systematically influenced by variation of the alloy composition and/or heat treatment.

Dimensional tolerances of the cast parts according to DIN EN ISO 8062-3
Tolerance degrees of DCTG 9 - 11
DIN EN 1561, - 1563, - 1564