Cast iron with lamellar graphite (EN-GJL) (GG) - grey cast iron

Cast iron with lamellar graphite (EN-GJL) is an iron-carbon material in which the carbon part, which is being available as graphite, is mainly found in laminated form. Its properties depend on form and distribution of the graphite and the metallic base sizes. The European norm handles the division of cast irons with lamellar graphite according to its mechanical properties.

DIN EN 1561
Cast iron with lamellar graphite

DIN ISO 8062
General tolerances and machining allowances, valid for all designs from 1998

DIN EN 10002-1
Metallic materials, tensile test, part 1: Test method (at room temperature)

DIN EN 6506
Metallic materials, hardness test according to Brinell, part 1: Test method

In the qualities:
EN-GJL 150 to 350 (old: GG 15 to GG 35)

Mechanical properties: the firmness values as well as the hardness are in measure of the cooling rate not unimportant during and after the solidification and thus dependent on the wall thickness of the casting.